Fitbit Versa four Review: Ordinary Hardware, Excellent Premium Service

Fitbit’s many achievements in its discipline has, to a few extent, became the logo call into some thing of a family time period for wrist-worn health trackers. However, the idea of the health tracker itself is dropping a chunk of steam as smartwatches have now turn out to be inexpensive sufficient to make those smaller, health-targeted bands truly obsolete. However, for health enthusiasts, a committed tracker that suits of their finances remains a profitable proposition. Fitbit maintains to paintings in the direction of triumphing over this demographic, way to its aggregate of conventional hardware and ever-enhancing software.

While the top rate section is now in large part ruled through smartwatches with respectable health-monitoring capabilities, Fitbit stays committed to the concept of a better and higher health tracker. The Fitbit Versa four is priced at Rs. 20,499 in India and guarantees a smartwatch-like experience, however does now no longer turn away from its health-first credentials.

Fitbit Versa four layout and specs

Fitness trackers and bands as soon as observed a awesome appearance, characterized through basic, slim displays and a normally compact shape factor. However, the desire in the direction of big displays on wearables have visible contemporary-day health-targeted wearables greater intently resemble smartwatches, and that is the cultured that the Fitbit Versa four is going for. It has a rectangular AMOLED display which dominates the front, an aluminium casing with a matte finish, and a unmarried button at the proper aspect of the tool.

Although the specs of the display are not formally said through Fitbit, it’s miles sharp and pretty great to appearance at, specifically in case you use an eye fixed face with a black background. Waking the display works with a press of the button or the lift-to-wake gesture, however tapping the touchscreen might not paintings till the tool is active. You additionally have the choice to apply the always-on show mode to look the time, set the display timeout duration, and select among 3 brightness levels, relying to your preferences.

The backside of the watch has the charging touch factors and the optical sensors for coronary heart fee and blood oxygen measurements. There is likewise an altimeter withinside the Fitbit Versa four, that’s utilized by the tool to be counted number flooring whilst mountain climbing stairs; unluckily the real altitude facts can not be accessed without problems or directly.

In India, the Fitbit Versa four is obtainable in 4 color options, with the color of the smartwatch matching that of the straps in all cases. These encompass a black strap with a graphite colored casing, ‘Pink Sand’ strap with a copper rose colored casing, ‘Beet Juice’ with a copper rose colored casing, and ‘Waterfall Blue’ strap with a platinum colored casing. While I preferred the blue-platinum color aggregate of my evaluation unit, I in my view felt that the all-black choice seemed higher.

Strap consolation itself is a subjective point, and I did face a few troubles with it at some point of my time with the Fitbit Versa four. A truly tight adjustment did reason a few pores and skin sensitivity troubles, at the same time as a free suit turned into snug however affected the readings from the optical sensors. I turned into quality with the connected small strap, however there’s a further big strap blanketed withinside the income package. Also blanketed withinside the field is the charger for the Fitbit Versa four, which attaches to the lowest of the watch magnetically and plugs right into a USB Type-A port for power (you may want your personal adapter or join it to a laptop).

In phrases of specs, the Fitbit Versa four is waterproof as much as a intensity of 50m, and might consequently cope with substantial publicity to water with out a whole lot chance of damage. For connectivity, the tool makes use of Bluetooth 5, and has an in-constructed speaker and microphone which may be used to talk with Alexa for voice assistant capability, and to get hold of incoming calls from the paired smartphone. The tool additionally helps satellite tv for pc region monitoring via GPS and GLONASS.

Fitbit Versa four software, interface, and app

Many famous wearables are OS or platform-specific, and Fitbit’s acquisition through Google has led many to agree with that the tool and app calls for an Android telecellsmartphone to paintings, or works higher on Android. This is not virtually the case though; the Fitbit app works on each Android and iOS and Fitbit stays tool agnostic on this regard. I by and large used the Versa four with an iPhone for a whole lot of this evaluation, and all app-primarily based totally capability labored as expected.

The Fitbit app handles the relationship among the Versa four and the paired smartphone, and additionally synchronises with the tracker to accumulate and examine facts. This itself is not special — each smartwatch and health tracker does this — however wherein Fitbit virtually units itself aside is withinside the excellent of its evaluation of the facts. The app generates certain graphs and data primarily based totally at the facts the Versa four collects, such as diverse facts units that come as a part of the Premium subscription.

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